Annuity – Are You Making the Right Choice?

One of the biggest expenses when retirement is near is that of an annuity. Before you commit to an annuity, it is wise to talk with your insurance agent about the interest rates, payments and other financial terms of the annuity. By doing this you can compare and analyze the advantages and disadvantages before you make a final decision on the annuity that best suits your needs.

What To Consider

When your income fluctuates, you should be certain that you will receive the benefits that you expect before signing up for an annuity. If there are any hidden fees that go along with the annuity, you should look into the annuity so that you do not get caught by surprise.

Many people wait until they need to find an annuity deals to search for them. They will usually take advantage of tax returns, which are great if you want to maximize your savings, but will not help you save much money if you are looking for an annuity with low fixed rate payments. The fact is that many annuities offer payments that fluctuate from year to year, which means that the payments you receive today could end up being much less than you need to make in order to ensure that you will receive the same or more income in the future.


Financial Planning

Instead of waiting until you are ready to retire to start saving for your retirement there are many choices out there for you to consider, and annuities can offer you many benefits that can ensure that you can receive the same fixed rate payment that you have always gotten.


Create a Diverse Portfolio

It is important to understand the different options available when choosing an annuity, and the main goal for you is to choose an annuity that will provide you with the best possible rates, benefits and tax deferral that you want.


Personal Wealth Management

Once you get a better understanding of all the options you will be able to narrow down the selection and find an annuity that is right for you.

One Size Fits OneĀ 

Annual Percentage Rate

Generally, the rate of interest that an annuity offers you will be based on a number called the Annual Percentage Rate. This is a calculation that takes into account inflation, your age, your investment funds and the length of time that you will be receiving the annuity payments. All of these factors are important to you, so before you sign up for an annuity it is wise to understand what they mean and how they are used to calculate the Annual Percentage Rate.

The Annual Percentage Rate is based on the entire life of the annuity and does not allow for the fact that you might not live as long as you thought. Instead, this calculation attempts to incorporate life expectancy, which will make the calculation a little easier. For instance, if you expect to live another two decades, you will be receiving the same amount of money from the annuity over that period.

Tax Deferral

A few options that you might want to explore are those that offer tax deferral. If you have a house that you plan to live in for a period of time, the tax deferral option may be good for you. Also, if you intend to use the money you are currently receiving for other purposes, this may be a benefit to you.


Get In Touch

Choosing an annuity will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur with your financial system when you are too confident of your financial future. This is the best way to avoid the problems associated with compounded interest, but also a way to build a solid financial foundation for yourself as you are preparing for your future. As a result, choosing an annuity and getting the right annuity is one of the best investments you can make.